Published on February nd, 2012

Sundaze is June, John and Thuy-Duong from Portland, OR est. fall 2011.

******The Sundaze name has been retired and we have moved forward with the new name,

Soft Shadows. Please follow us here.*******

In the meantime, some generous excerpts from recent publications:

Snow Falling is drenched in reverb and fender tremolos, electronic drums with sexy guitars with flavors of The Raveonettes, Serena-Maneesh, and Galaxie 500.

– QRO Magazine

It’s a cliche that shoegaze has to sound miserable. Debuting in April with ‘Snow Falling’, seven-track EP featuring a lovely upbeat cover of the Velvet’s ‘Who Loves The Sun’, Sundaze brought a sprightly dream pop touch back to the sounds of reverb-a-go-go and loud screeching distortion. With their hand-clapping rhythms and prominent melodies, the trio infuse a youthful energy into the loops, and like a shimmering answer to the new wave of monotony, find a light in the deepest notes. A shoegazing band with their heads up high? Now that’s a sweet little paradox. 

– The Deli Magazine